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Dr. Celeste



Dr. Celeste

We can't stop aging, but we certainly can slow it down!

Because of her dental training, Dr. Celeste has an insightful understanding of the bone structure and musculature of the head and neck area. Couple her knowledge with her experience of over 30 years injecting in the facial region, and you will see she has made it an artful skill to provide comfortable injections. Extensive additional training in cosmetic dentistry and the specialized use of botox and dermal fillers gives her the unique ability to guide her patients to their best choices on a functional and aesthetic level.

A former beauty queen herself, Dr. Celeste has been selected as the cosmetic dentist of choice for the North Carolina and South Carolina "Miss" and "Teen" USA Pageants. She has a passion for helping others achieve their personal best so that they can feel more confident in their social and professional endeavors. "A healthy glow, a rejuvenated smile, and a fresher, more vibrant looking face all contribute to making anyone smile bigger!" After all, a true smile makeover includes the entire face.

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